Our Development Process

All steps include planning, analysis, design, development & implementation, testing, launch and maintenance.


    Once we get your idea, it’s time to buzz. Extensive Brainstorming, Q&A and research are all part of our PMS (Project Management System). You too will be involved in the process.


    A wireframe is commonly used to lay out content and functionality on a page which takes into account user needs and user journeys. We provide precise wireframes for better comprehension so that every fine detail is engrossed at once.


    After wireframing, it is our brilliant designers who convert the idea into action. They design attractive graphics and visuals that will appear on the website. UI design is such a vital part because it is the one which attracts more and more customers , so we pay very fine attention to this step.


    Following the designing process, our expert developers get to work and make the outline come alive. They make all the links and buttons clickable and make the site responsive for all platforms. The speed check of the website is also optimized here. Overall, the product is well structured at this step.


    After creating a perfect front end for your customers, our web developers create an optimum backend for you so that you can manage the site properly after the delivery.
    We make sure it is easily manageable so that you can famous on your business plan rather than the technical details.


    Right from the start, we test the product continuously at each step but after the complete development process, we run a final check in which we test the website on all major browsers and devices for proper user experience


    After the proper rectification and debugging, we provide you the final product explaining you all the major functionalities and your product goes LIVE!


    Even after the project is over, we don’t leave you alone, we provide you continuous support. Our team will carry out the maintenance process regularly so that your product comes out to be just perfect! ReplyReply AllForwardEdit as new

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