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Magento continues to maintain its top rank in the world of ecommerce platforms. The prime reason behind its fame is that team Magento releases regular updates, security enhancements, and functional fixes. These updates ensure that a Magento powered store performs at its fullest without compromising on speed or security.


Magento announced a new release, Open Source 2.2.0, which contains multiple security enhancements and functional fixes and a wealth of new and exciting features. We highly recommend you to upgrade to this latest version as soon as possible. Refer to this Upgrade Magento 2 Store guide if you need any help. Here are some of the notable highlights of Magento Open Source 2.2.0 release:

Technology Upgrade

Probably the most significant highlight of 2.2.0 is the upgraded technology stack. Support for PHP 5.6, and Varnish 3 is now in the rear-view. Magento now supports PHP 7.1 Varnish 5, and MySQL 5.7.

Bundled Extensions

With this release, Magento includes the first third-party extension, bundled with Magento Commerce. With the help of this extension, you can now connect your corporate Facebook account with your online store. Using this connection, the extension creates a page with products from your catalog.




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Improvements to Security and Developer Experience

Magento Open Source 2.2.0 security improvements include the removal of unserializing calls. Moreover, the new release improves the protection of this functionality against dangerous code execution attacks.

Pipeline Deployment

This deployment process enables a new way to deploy to production with the minimum possible downtime. As per Magento DevDocs, this deployment is called Pipeline Deployment because the process occurs on different systems.

Improvements in Performance

Several improvements are deemed to better the performance of your Magento powered store. With this update, it has been announced that indexers will run with no visible impact on the experience of online shoppers. Additionally, there are cart improvements where customers will be able to create a cart with more than 300 line items. Varnish cache configuration now ensures that a cached page is always presented to a customer.

Addition of Hundred's of Pull Requests

Additionally, thanks to the contributions from Magento community members, the Magento Community Engineering Team has added hundreds of pull requests to the Magento code base.

It is essential that you first test the new version to make sure that it works as expected before deploying onto your site. Here's a link to the Release Notes, if you want to read the details of this recent update. You should also refer to the changes in backward compatibility.



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